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Yacht Parties

Miami is famous for its yacht parties. You can go on a yacht to celebrate special occasions like bachelorette or bachelor parties, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or just to simply enjoy a sunny day out with your friends & family.

What can you bring?  

You can carry whatever you want to carry along with yourself. There is no restriction on the things you want to carry. However, carrying a towel is something that is highly recommended. feel free to carry your own drink and food.

What days are available?  

They are available for the full year. Any month of the year you visit or any day, you would find them available. The clients just have to fill out a form which is available on the site to inquire a sailboat they want to book. The staffs are very helpful and they shall provide you with all the requisite details you want.

What are the destinations where you can go?  

The following are some of the destinations where you can go:  Star Islands/Miami Beach Bay- It is an island made by man and not natural. It is neighboring to the city of the Miami Beach. There are many celebrities who own home on this island and people who visit here are mesmerized by its beauty.

Bad weather?

Miami has a tropical climate, meaning it is boiling hot with a sudden Burst of rain every now and then, which never last more than 20-30min ( actually refreshing to the very high temperatures) 

Charters very rarely get canceled due to bad weather, only when it’s Deemed unsafe by the captain. But owners are happy to work with you on rescheduling if the weather is uncomfortable and are giver prior notice . 

Where are you located?

We are an online brokerage just like 99% of brokerages on the market ( Brick and mortar locations don’t exist anymore ) We connect the client to the yacht owner. We have over 200 Yachts in our portfolio which are located all around Miami ( Sea isle Marina, Miami Beach Marina, Isla Del Mar Marina, Miami River, Fontainebleau Marina, Bentley bay marina) so on and so forth. 

When you decide on a yacht and price point that you like, I request availability and once available we move forward with securing the time slot for you

What is the cost of a party boat Miami?  

The party boats at Miami, are available at affordable prices. They will not cost a larger part of your income. The cost of booking a party boat at Miami depends upon a lot of factors, the destination, size and features of the boat, being some of them. With the increase in the size of the boat, your cost of booking that boat will also increase. The average cost of booking a party boat Miami is $100-$200 per person for approximately 4 hours partying.  The cost of booking the boat shall include the fuel prices, the services provided by a captain, unlimited drinks and skipper.


Yacht has amenities?

Yacht is fully equipped a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, air- conditioning. 

As well as Great speakers along with Bluetooth Connectivity for your phones or other devices.



Keep in mind, the legal capacity in Florida is 13  guests, for even the largest size yachts,


Do they come with JET SKIS?

Jet skis are from a third person company. 

we are not providing them..





CHARTER How do we secure it?

Once a vessel and time slot is decided upon, I follow up with the owner to find out available.

If available, then we moveyd forward in securing it. To secure, a 25-40% deposit is required ( depending on vessel ) and the remaining amount is paid upon boarding .


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